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“We’d like those,” we said to the salesman. “We’d like that washer and dryer, and we’d like to have them As Soon As Possible.”

The salesman said that would be fine, but they no longer had them in stock. All they had was this pair, and they were the floor models and, as we could see, the washer had a slight Ding on the front lower panel.

“We don’t mind,” we said. “We’ll take them.” What kind of difference, after all, does a Ding make to the Internal Workings of a clothes washer? The Ding would have no impact on the cleanliness of our clothes. The Ding was superficial, as it were, and We Did Not Care.

Well, the salesman said he would give us a ten percent discount on account of the floor model Ding, and they would be delivered tomorrow.

We left Very Happy, because it had been, already, Two Weeks without a functioning washer or dryer in our home.

Said items were dutifully delivered on Monday, and Bill was home to sign for them, and see them installed, and he turned on the dryer Just To Check.

It sounded, he told me, like there were so many shoes in the drum.

“It sounds,” he told the installers, “like there’s a pair of shoes in there.”

The installers agreed that the dryer, when operating, did indeed sound as though it were drying a pair of shoes. I think it was also noted that There Were No Shoes inside. And then Bill noted, with interest, that the the installers left Without Comment.

Bill called the store.

Ah yes, said the salesman in regard to Bill’s concern. He was very sorry to hear about this Noise, and reminded Bill that our dryer had been the last one in the store. But, he said, we’ll receive a new shipment on Wednesday, and we’ll deliver a new dryer to your home on Thursday.

This was Hopeful News.

And on Monday night, we washed a load of clothes. We figured that we could dry them on the clothes drying rack and that they would be none the worse for the wear.

And we were like children on Christmas morning, we really were, loading our brand new front-loading washing machine. And we put Way Too Much soap in, and were sorry about that, and thought, later, that it was the too much soap that caused our brand new washing machine to leak water All Over The Floor.

I hung the clean clothes on the drying rack and stopped doing laundry.

But on Wednesday, Bill got brave and thought he’d try another load or two. It was, after all, the Error With Soap that had caused the leakage. We still didn’t have a dryer, but its arrival was imminent and we sure could use some more clean clothes.

And this brand new floor model Ding washing machine, which this time was allowed only a Little Bit of soap, leaked and flooded and flooded and leaked All Over The Floor Again.

On Thursday, the installers came and installed the new dryer. Bill explained about the washing machine. The installers left. Bill called the company. They have promised a new washing machine, and it will arrive next Thursday.

Meanwhile, we are stopping the leak with duct tape.

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