What You Don’t Want
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is a repeat of this.

And if you’re going to have a repeat of this, then you Really Don’t want the water to leak beyond the concrete pad underneath the washer and dryer and out to the (newly replaced) carpet of the playroom floor.

But if you do indeed have a repeat of this— or at least the beginnings of a repeat such that you are loathe to run Any Water At All in the house until the plumber comes, and least of all to run the clothes washer or even to Think about running the washer– then what you Really Don’t Want is a little girl with a stomach ailment.

(Truth be told, you don’t Ever want a little girl to have a stomach ailment, but sometimes these things Just Can’t Be Helped).

And when you have such things (as we did last night, a night during which our Darling repeatedly rejected the contents of her stomach and Only Once managed to lose them and simultaneously deposit them in an appropriate receptacle), you find that you have a Great Deal of laundry (suddenly) to do.

But you can’t do it.

And so once again, when Things Like This occur, you find you are wanting a Rachel, who will let you bring All Your Laundry to her house. And there you will proceed to do All Your Laundry, including the sheets and the quilt and the pajamas and the Bunny, who is Most Precious.

After which (oh, Praise!) the plumber will fix the problem and the Healer will fix the stomach and All Shall Be Well.

And it is.

Thanks, Rachel!

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Comments 2
Beth Posted January 22, 2008 at4:21 pm   Reply

No we do not want a repeat. Hopefully Emma feels better today.

tworivers Posted January 23, 2008 at2:02 pm   Reply

Oh my goodness.My, my, my.Rachel is an angel, you know. She really is. No doubt about it. And a saint. And a wonderful friend. (I’m sure my cosmology is all messed up, but we’re using poetic terms here, not talking theology …)

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