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What you need when your basement floods with Really Dirty Water is a great team to come to the house. Yes, a team, even if that team is only two people. Because two people can be Really Handy at yanking out the wretched carpet, and the ruined linoleum, and the dry wall that is super saturated with yuck yuck yuck. Yes, you need a team with a Big Truck, and you need that truck to say “Disaster One.”

That’s Drama.

And if, under that title, you can get this byline, “Recovering Your Future,” then that’s some reassurance. And it’s also funny. Because then, when your horrified neighbor calls to see What In The World Has Happened, she can comment on the “recovering your future” byline and ask you, “But what happened to your past?”

That’s Humor.

It’s also good, when this happens, to have homemade soup from your mother-in-law on your first night back in your house. Yes, vegetable soup, with cabbage, please. And cornbread. Yum.

That’s Comfort.

And finally, I recommend (in case a disaster like this is looming in your future) that you also get yourself a Rachel. Because if you’ve got one of those, then chances are that you’ll have someplace to take your laundry while you yourself are all day in your Workplace. And you’ll find, at the end of the day, that your laundry is Washed, and Dried, and Folded, and organized in the basket according to the members of the family to whom they belong. And she might even wash your husband’s slippers, and tuck a baggie of Hershey’s kisses in one of them just for Good Measure.

That’s Friendship.

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tworivers Posted January 12, 2007 at9:02 am   Reply

Rachel is a dear, to be sure. How excellent it is to have a Rachel in one’s life. I have one, too, though she has not washed any of our slippers. But I know that she would.

Bless you, friends.

RPS Posted January 12, 2007 at3:44 pm   Reply

Yes she would. And she would also come live with you during an ice storm!

Jennie-Rebecca Posted January 12, 2007 at9:11 pm   Reply

I like that Rachel. I’m glad she’s in my family!

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